Welcome to Dental Strategy!

Dental Strategy is a dental consulting company that assists Canadian dentists in making effective and informed business decisions. Dental Strategy is the leader in dental demographics, competitive intelligence and business intelligence. We provide assistance for associates, buyers, sellers and existing practice owners.    

Dental Strategy provides services to the following dentists:

Associates Considering Becoming Owners

Dental Consulting CanadaShould I continue to associate, purchase a practice or start from scratch?

Canadian Dentists Looking to Start from Scratch

Ultimate Dental Location 1. Choose the best location for a new practice

Dental competitive intelligence 2. How competitive is the market in a given area?
Find real estate for dental practice 3. Find a space for a dental practice
Dental Marketing Intelligence 4. Evaluate a particular location when starting a new dental practice
Dental Business Plan 5. Put together a business plan
New Start Consulting 6. Provide a step-by-step guide for starting a new practice

Canadian Dentists Looking to Purchase

Ultimate Dental Location 1. Choose the best location for purchasing a practice

Find Dental Practice for sale 2. Find a practice for sale
Purchase Feasibility Analysis 3. Analyze whether the practice you want to buy is a good fit for you
Practice Purchase Consulting 4. Provide a step-by-step guide for purchasing an existing practice


Dentists in Canada Looking for Growth / Practice Improvement

Business Growth Plan 1. Maximize the Success of your practice through this tool
Marketing Strategy Development2. Develop and implement a successful internal marketing strategy
Marketing Strategy Development 3. Develop and implement a successful external marketing strategy

Dental practice management 4. Provide informative analysis
Dental Phone Training5. Improve over-the-phone patient communication


Dental Practice Appraisals

Dental Practice AppraisalsDetermine the value and potential of a practice through an appraisal

I Need My Spouse to Become a More Effective Practice Manager

Dental Spousal TrainingDental Spouse Training