Maximize Success

Maximize Success of an Existing Practice

Every dentist wants to maximize their success.  For some dentists, success is profitability; for others, it is growth; for others, it is a steady practice with minimized stress.  Some dentists are in the business for a long time, while others are looking to sell.  Some dentists are looking to grow their patient base, while others are looking to maintain their current level.  There is no right or wrong answer as to what 'sucess' is.  We will devise a plan to help you in every way possible.  

The Process 

There are a few services that we offer to help dentists maximize the success of their practice.  The first one is called Maximum Success Plan.  As the name suggests, it is a thorough analysis and business plan to help dentists maximize their success. 

Other dentists may feel that they require help in areas of practice marketing.  We provide strategic marketing solutions that will help you come up with the internal and external marketing initiatives that help dentists attract and retain the type of patients they want at the lowest cost.  The Marketing Strategy Development consists of two parts:  Internal Marketing Strategy and External Marketing Strategy.   Most dentists prefer to combine the two products as one, which accummulates substantial savings.  

Another challenge facing dental practices is the ineffectiveness on the phone.  We are in the process of launching a service called Dental Phone Training, designed to help dental practices improve their phone techniques.