Internal Marketing Strategy

Dental Consulting Canada

What is Internal Marketing Strategy?
There is a direct relationship between the internal marketing and the most powerful marketing tool - word of mouth.  We visit your practice, observe the patient's experience and provide a list of recommendations on how it can be maximized.  We also work with you to determine a list of internal marketing initiatives to maximize your return on investment.  

How will Internal Marketing Strategy help me?
1.   Maximizes existing patients' loyalty 
2.   Brings the patients YOU want through improved word of mouth
3.   More effective and less expensive than external marketing

What do we do?
1.  Observe a busy day at your practice
2.  Look at all parts of the patient experience from a patient’s perspective
3.  (Optional) Send a fictional patient (a mystery shopper)
4.  Appraise your internal marketing strategy
5.  Make recommendations on the modifications that will result in greatest growth in patient satisfaction

How much dentist’s time does it take up?
Because our main purpose is to observe the practice in its natural setting, there is no dentist time required. We meet with the dentist to discuss the needs and to present the findings.   

Return on Investment
Will vary between practices, so let's use a conservative approach.  Assuming you have an average practice, decreasing your attrition rate by only 25 per cent will result in an annual growth in revenue of $24,000.  Furthermore, if the better experience you provide contributes to only one new family a month, it will add another $15,000 of revenue annually. 

Tell Me More...
The Ultimate Dental Experience
Almost all dentists agree that it costs more to acquire a patient than keep an existing one, and that word-of-mouth is the best form of marketing.

Nevertheless, they spend thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in marketing to acquire new patients while the existing patients are leaving.  Sometimes there are little and inexpensive details that can convert a patient who was ready to leave, into a loyal client.  Dentists agree that word-of-mouth is the best form of marketing, but most do not know how to fully leverage this opportunity.

This is where we come in.  We come into your practice on a busy day and observe what is taking place - from a patient's perspective - and then prepare a summary report on the recommendations to improve that patient experience.

The Patient's Experience is a sum of little experiences he or she had throughout their visit.  From the friendliness of the receptionist to the comfort of the dental chair, to the quality of paper towels in the bathroom - everything counts.  There are over 200 touch points a patient goes through during their experience.  The sum of these touch points dictate whether the patient leaves, stays or refers their family and friends.

You already know that dentistry is one of the most personalized, relationship-driven, intimate services. Since an estimated 20 per cent of patients abandon their dentist every year, this speaks to the fact that many dental experiences fall below patients' expectations.

Imagine that you could understand and satisfy your patients' needs a little better and reduce your attrition rate by only 25 per cent. Assuming you are in an average-size practice, this would translate to additional revenue of $24,000 without spending a penny on advertising.

Furthermore, 35 per cent of the population does not see the dentist regularly. In Canada, 60 per cent of patients have insurance, but only 20 per cent of insurance is used. Many of these people would be willing to see a dentist that meets their needs.

Have you done enough to understand your patients' needs to the point that you exceed their expectations? Many dental offices make the mistake of assuming that they are meeting their patient’s needs. The actual results can paint a different picture - dentists, for the most part, do fall short of patients’ expectations.