Patient Market Research

Dental Consulting Canada

What is Patient Market Research?

We will conduct market research/surveys of your existing patients to find out how they feel about the service they receive and ways to improve it.  

How will Patient Market Research help me?
1.   Maximizes existing patients' loyalty
2.   Brings the patients YOU want through improved word of mouth
3.   More effective and less expensive than marketing

In a nutshell, what do we do?
1.   We find out what patients like about your practice
2.   We find out what patients don't like about your practice
3.   We make recommendations on the modifications that will result in greatest growth in patient satisfaction 

Return on Investment
The ROI will vary between practices, so let's use a conservative approach.  Assuming you have an average practice, decreasing your attrition rate by only 25 per cent will result in an annual growth in revenue of $24,000.  Furthermore, if the better experience you provide contributes to only one new family a month, it will add another $15,000 of revenue annually.  

Tell Me More...
The Ultimate Dental Experience
Today's dental competitive landscape is more dynamic, complex and challenging than five years ago. Your competitors are not only clinically better-trained, but they also have greater financial resources.  Furthermore, people that come to your practice are pampered by companies day and night. Customers are convinced they are kings and demand that companies know what they want and provide the ultimate service or experience, or else they'll go somewhere else.

That mentality does not change when that person enters your practice. Studies suggest that the clinical aspect contributes to only 15 per cent of the patients' total experience, and 85 per cent has nothing to do with dentistry. This does not mean that excellent dentistry is any less important than before. What it means is, excellent dentistry is the minimum standard, but in order to retain your patients and attract new ones, you need to provide the ultimate patient experience, beyond the clinical treatment.

How well do you know your patients?
•  Do you know what your patients are saying about you?
•  Do you know why patients choose your practice?
•  Do you know why some patients don't come back?
•  Which patients are about to leave you and why?
•  Do your patients trust you? How can you increase their level of trust?
•  How truly satisfied are your patients with you and your services? 
•  What bothers them about your practice? How do you know for sure?
•  What are the real reasons why your patients cancel appointments?
•  Are patients aware and do they really understand all the services that you offer?
•  How can you make the patient experience a more pleasurable one?

Understand Your Patients' Needs
Dentistry is one of the most personalized, relationship-driven, intimate services. Since an estimated 20 per cent of patients abandon their dentist every year, speaks to the fact that many dental experiences fall below patients' expectations. Imagine that you could understand and satisfy your patients' needs a little better and reduce your attrition rate by only 20 per cent. Assuming you are in an average-size practice, this would translate to additional revenue of almost $20,000 without spending a penny on advertising.

Furthermore, 35 per cent of the population does not see the dentist regularly. In Canada, 60 per cent of people have insurance but only 20 per cent of that insurance is used. Many of these people would be willing to see a dentist that meets their needs.

Have you done enough to understand your patients' needs to the point that you exceed their expectations? Many dental offices make the mistake of assuming that they are meeting their patient’s needs. Some believe that by addressing patients' needs and concerns after they have complained is an effective way to meet your patients' needs. The truth is, if the patient complains, the dental practice had already failed to meet the patients' needs.

Dental Strategy Ltd. will help you identify your patients' potential areas of concern and address them.  That way, you will be able to provide your patients with the ultimate dental experience and build loyalty for a lifetime. We bring advanced market research practices and methodologies as well as over ten years of experience in consumer research.

How does it work?
1. Prepare research methodology
2. Conduct research
3. Analyze the results
4. Recommendations and action plan

1. Prepare the research methodology
No two dental practices are the same, and neither will be your research objectives. Dental Strategy designs a research methodology to meet your needs and budgetary constraints. We gain insights to your patients' needs using the following types of research:

• Ethnographic studies
• Focus groups
• Forums
• Interviews (over the phone and face-to-face)
• On-line research
• Surveys (face-to-face or via mail)

Feedback from your patients is most insightful if patients can express in their own language.  Dental Strategy can conduct research in: Arabic, Czech, English, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak and Spanish.

We have prepared and tested in the field over 900 questions.  This means the questions are valid, clear and concise, and the responses will allow you to make solid, fact-based decisions. Your answers are only be as good as your questions.

Consider these questions:
• How do you feel about our office hours?
• Are you satisfied with our new office look?
• Which services would you like us to perform in this practice?
• On a scale from 1 to 5 how would you rate your visit today?
• On a scale from 1 to 4, how would you rate our scheduling and punctuality with appointments?

Are these questions you ask your patients? If so, STOP.  The way these questions are worded, they are a waste of time for the dentist, the team and the patient. If you were to ask your patients these questions, the answers will not help you formulate any decisions. We will ensure that you get the type of answers from your patients that you need.

2. Conduct the research
We understand that the dental team has a practice to run. Therefore, we conduct all of the research for you, whether in the practice, over the phone or online.

3. Analyze the results
We analyze the information and provide you with a report and PowerPoint presentation.  All research and results remain the dentist's property. It is as confidential as the dentist wishes.

4. Recommendations and action plan
We can work with you and your team to develop recommendations and an action plan to ensure the changes you want in your practice are implemented and your success is achieved.