Purchase a Practice

Purchase a Practice
We have a full range of service designed for dentists who are considering to purchase a practice.  
The Process 
Finding the right practice is not easy.  If the dentist already has a practice in mind, we can help by determining if it is the right fit through a PFA (Practice Feasibilty Analysis).  

If the dentist does not have a practice in mind, the first question they typically ask is: "Where should I be looking for a practice."  For example, in the GTA, most dentists say they would like a practice within a "One hour drive drive from the GTA."   To help with this, we have a UDL (Ultimate Dental Location) Analysis.  This analysis helps the dentist rank many locations in an area from the most to the least attractive.  The advantage of doing this analysis at first, is that it gives the dentist a better idea as to where to focus the search. Furthermore, if a practice becomes available and a bid needs to be submitted in a hurry, we can do so with some degree of confidence.   


When searching for a practice dentist can go to the major brokers, ask other dentists, or go through online services such as Dentalplace.ca that connects the buyer and the seller without any commission.  We occasionally have dentists approach us as well asking if we know anyone looking to purchase.  Go to Find a Practice to learn more.

Once a dentist is considering to purchase a particular practice, the PFA (Purchase Feasibility Analysis) is the ideal report for this purpose.  

Once the dentist has decided (or is close to making that decision) he or she will need a Business Plan.  This document can be submitted to banks to receive a loan and also determines how much money the dentist will need. 

We also offer a service called Practice Purchase Consulting where we help the dentists throughout the entire process of purchasing and transitioning into a dental practice.