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Dental Consulting CanadaIt is a sellers' market. It doesn't mean that as a buyer you cannot find the right practice. Only some of the practices are sold through the brokers. The recent success of Dental Place (where dentists can sell their practices without commission) proves that many of the sellers are not willing to pay 10% commissions and are open to alternatives. Still, more than half of practices are sold privately. So how do you find the practice?  As a buyer you need to market yourself.  

We are here to help the dentists find the right practice.  We can help dentists through the entire process of finding the right practice, determining the right price to pay and transitioning into a successful practice.   The only service that we don't provide is the actual brokerage.  We don't broker the deals and we don't charge a finder's fee.

The Process

  1. Strategic Planning - We discuss your vision, personal goals, the type of practice you would be interested in purchasing and the geographic area.  
  2. Select Acquisition Targets - Based on your criteria we match you with practices that could be potential acquisition targets. 
  3. Marketing - We market you the dentist to the potential sellers
  4. Purchase Feasibility Study - We analyze to see if the practice is right for you and the maximum price you should be willing to pay.  
  5. Practice Transition - We help the dentist transition into the practice.   

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