Practice Purchase Consulting

Dental Consulting Canada

What is Practice Purchase Consulting?

Step-by-step assistance with over 5,000 tasks a Canadian dentist goes through when purchasing a dental practice.  If you have a practice that you are interested in, but are not sure whether or not you should buy it, click here for the Purchase Feasibility Analysis.

How will Practice Purchase Consulting help me?

1. You will get the practice that is right for you. 
2. You will sleep better at night.
3. You will start on a good foot with your team.
4. You will minimize patient loss during the transition.

Return on Investment

In order for us to take on a project, our target return needs to be at least five times a dentist's initial investment. In other words, if the cost of the project is $5,000, your bottom line profit needs to be at least $25,000 as a result of our work.

Tell Me More...
Purchasing a practice has the advantage of having a revenue stream from the beginning. However, when you purchase a practice, you also purchase all of the problems. At the same time, you are purchasing an opportunity to turn it around. Your first 60 days are crucial. The patients and your employees will be watching you closely. Although none of the tasks are difficult on their own, the challenge is completing all of the tasks in the right order, as fast as possible, and at the lowest cost. The trick is to get through the transition as quickly as possible with the least pain, at the lowest cost and with the greatest results.