Purchase Feasibility Study

Dental Consulting Canada

The Purchase Feasibility Study is designed for the dentist who is planning to purchase a practice but is not sure if it is the right fit.

What is the Purchase Feasibility Study?
We take a close look at the appraisal, the lease contract, the financials and, if possible, we conduct an on-site analysis.  We look at the demographics and the competitive landscape.  Then, we look for the strategic fit between what you are looking for and what the practice has to offer, as well as the likelihood of success.   

  How will Purchase Feasibility Study help me?

  • Success rate By picking the right practice, you have improved your chances for success.
  • CostThe cost is minimal compared to the time and costs you would spend to gather and analyze the information yourself.
  • Confidence You have more confidence that you have made the right decision. 
  • More informed decision making Whether selling or buying the practice, the information contained in the UDL service will allow you to better understand the characteristics of the population, the competition, and assess its future potential and the value of the practice.
  • Make a better case to the bank When you approach the bank for a loan, the banks will want to know that you've done your due diligence before choosing the practice.  With the Purchase Feasibility Analysis you increase your chances of getting a better and faster loan.  

 How is Purchase Feasibility Study different from other analyses on the market?  

  • Ease of use – Thousands of pieces of data and information are funnelled through to a concise, easy-to-use report.
  • Most complete – We are the only dental consulting company in Canada that can do all: analyze the practice, demographics and the competitive landscape.    

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