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The Ultimate Dental Location Report is ideal if you have only a rough idea where you want to start or purchase a practice (i.e. "I want to practice in the GTA" or "I want a practice around Victoria") or if you have multiple locations to choose from.

What is the Ultimate Dental Location Report?
The Ultimate Dental Location Report (UDL) is the most complete, insightful and informative analysis available on the Canadian market.  It is designed to help dentists choose the best location for their practice.  Whether you are interested in a specific site or just looking for any opportunity in a city or region we will supply you with the information you need to make an informative decisions.  Some of the information this report will provide includes:

  • Are there too few, enough or too many dentists
  • How successful are these dentists
  • How long have these dentists been in practice
  • How well do these dentists serve patients’ existing and future needs
  • The type of dental services that are lacking the most
  • The number of existing/potential patients
  • How is this number growing and will grow in the future
  • Their disposable income they can spend on dentistry and how this might change in the future
  • Patients’ ages
  • Patients’ ethnic background and language
  • Availability of insurance
  • Where the people work and how safe their jobs are
  • Future residential/commercial developments
  • Safety of the community
  • Prices for setting up a dental practice
  • Sociological factors – the willingness of the patients to change dentists

We can drill the information as deep as within a 0.25km radius and compare among several sites.

  Benefits to the dentist

  • Success rate By picking a great location you have increased your chances for success and the long-term value of the dental practice.
  • Speed Because we can do this research you can open the practice sooner.
  • CostThe cost is minimal compared to the time and costs you would spend to gather and analyze the information yourself.
  • Confidence You have more confidence that you have made the right decision. 
  • More informed decision making Whether selling or buying the practice, the information contained in the UDL service will allow you to better understand the characteristics of the population, the competition, and assess its’ future potential and the value of the practice.
  • Make a better case to the bank When you approach the bank for a loan, the banks will want to know that you have done some market research before choosing your location.  With the UDL you increase your chances of getting a better and faster loan.  

 How is this different from other analyses on the market?

  • Specific to dentists   The UDL collects and analyzes only the information that is relevant to a dentist’s success.  
  • Ease of use – Thousands pieces of data and information are funneled through to a concise, easy-to-use report.
  • Most complete – UDL is based on primary and secondary research. It contains market and competitive information. 
  • Specific geographic coverageDentists need information that is specific to the neighbourhood or community they want to practice in.  We can run a report for any area as small as within a 0.25km radius from your chosen location.    

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