Purchase or Start?

Dental Consulting Canada Should I continue to associate, buy a practice or start from scratch?
Being a business owner is not for everyone. There are many dentists who have a good business acumen and personality, however are still better off associating. With associates earning 40 to 45% while avoiding the stress of practice ownership, it is important to evaluate practice ownership carefully. There are dentists who would be very successful owners if they were not scared to take the next step. The Practice Ownership Plan is a type of business plan that gives you the tools you need to help make the decision of continuing to associate, buy or start from scratch.
How will the Practice Ownership Plan help me?

  1. Knowledge The analysis is based on market intelligence from an industry leading market research firm combined with our experience in business plans and strategic consulting for Canadian dentists. 
  2. Success Rate – By making the right decision, you are setting yourself up for success. 
  3. Speed – You can make the right decisions sooner. 
  4. Affordable – No company in Canada can provide this detailed of an analysis at a price competitive with ours. 
  5. Confidence – You can be confident that you have made an informed choice. 
  6. Specific to You – The research and analysis is done from the perspective of your unique individual needs, as an individual, dentist and a business owner. 

How does the Practice Ownership Plan work?

  1. We evaluate your needs, skills and goals.
  2. We make a list of available options (i.e. start a new practice, purchase an existing, continue to associate).
  3. For each of the options, we conduct a feasibility study and financial projections.
  4. We develop a set of scenarios and evaluate each one. 
  5. We make a recommendation on the best course of action for the dentist from a lifestyle and strategic perspective.

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