Start from Scratch

Canadian Dentists Looking to Start from Scratch
Dental Strategy helps dentists start a dental practice from scratch. 
The Process 
The success starts with choosing the right location.  Most dentists have an idea of where they would like to practice but do not know where good locations are.  A typical request could be: "I want the best location within a  one hour drive drive from the GTA."  The UDL (Ultimate Dental Location) Analysis helps dentists identify the hot spots as well as areas they should avoid.  

Because of the nature of the work we do, landlords, developers or builders approach us with property or space on the market to see if we know of any interested dentists.  We will gladly connect the dentist with the real estate agent at no cost.  Go to Find a Space to learn more.

Some dentists already have a location they like and would like more information specific to this location.  The DMI (Dental Market Intelligence) Analysis is the ideal tool for this purpose.   

Once the location is chosen, the dentist needs a game plan.  This plan is called a Business Plan, which is a document analyzing and determining costs required of the dentist. The Business Plan is also required to be submitted to the bank in order to receive a loan.

We also offer a service called New Start Consulting in which we help dentists throughout the entire process of starting their practice from scratch.