Business Plan Development

Dental Consulting Canada

What is a Business Plan Development?
A road map for success and a document the dentist needs in order to obtain the most favorable loan.

How will a Business Plan Development help me?

1. Save money by getting a more favorable lending rate.
2. Save you time and accountant fees.
3. A clear vision and road map of where your business is going.

What do I get with the Business Plan Development?
1. Dental business strategy development - what makes your practice unique and why might patients choose your practice over others
2. Marketing strategy - who are your patients and what will you do to attract them
3. Financial analysis - a detailed set of financials, costs and projections
4. Human resources plan - how do you plan to hire, train, motivate and maintain key team members

Return on Investment

The Canadian dental business plan is meant to be used as a road map for your business. It helps some dentists decide that they should continue to associate. Other dentists decide that the location or the marketing strategy they were planning to implement was incorrect. The return on investment of not going forward with a wrong decision is difficult to measure - but invaluable.
By equipping dentists with a professional business plan and meeting with the banks on their behalf, we have been able to help some Canadian dentists save up to $100K through more favorable lending terms.

Tell me more...
We know what TD, RBC, Scotiabank, BMO, CIBC and other lenders are looking for. We can help to ensure that you not only get approved, but also get the best possible rate. We prepare your marketing plan, financials, forecasts and help you save time and money. The business plans range from 12 to 140 pages.

Banks like our business plans because they are authentic, accurate and detailed. Dentists like our business plans because they provide a realistic picture of what to expect once they open their doors. The business plans have also helped some dentists realize that they are not ready to open their own practice.