Dental Competitive Intelligence

Dental Consulting Canada

Choosing a location is one of the most critical business decisions you will make as a dentist.  The difference between a good and an excellent location can result in tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in your pocket every year.  This is one area where it does not pay to take shortcuts.  Understanding the competitive nature of the location is very important.  What makes our analysis unique is that it not only focuses on how competitive the particular area is today, but also looks at the probability of other dentists arriving in the area and the impact it would have on the competitive landscape.  

What is a Dental Competitive Intelligence Report?
The Dental Competitive Intelligence Report (DCI) is the most complete, insightful and informative analysis available on the market for a specific location.  It is designed to help dentists evaluate the attractiveness of a particular location.    

Some of the information this report provides includes:

  • How many dentists there are in your region
  • How successful these dentists are
  • How long these dentists have been in practice
  • How well these dentists serve patients’ existing and future needs
  • The type of dental services that are lacking
  • The number of existing/potential patients
  • How this number is growing and will grow in the future
  • Sociological factors – the willingness of the patients to change dentists

We can drill the information as deep as within a 0.20 km radius and compare among several sites. All criteria is benchmarked against the provincial average in order to gain a better perspective on what the numbers mean.

How will Dental Competitive Intelligence help me?

  • Success rate By selecting a great location you have increased your chances for success and the long-term value of the dental practice.
  • Speed Because we perform this research you can open the practice sooner.
  • CostThe cost is minimal compared to the time and costs you would spend to gather and analyze the information yourself.
  • Confidence You have increased confidence that you have made the right decision. 
  • More informed decision making Whether selling or buying the practice, the information contained in the DMI will allow you to better understand the characteristics of the population, the competition, and assess its’ future potential and the value of the practice.
  • Make a better case to the bank When you approach the bank for a loan, the banks will want to know that you have done some market research before choosing your location.  With the DCI, you increase your chances of receiving a better and faster loan.  

 How is this Different from other Analyses on the Market?

  • Specific to dentists   The DCI collects and analyzes information relevant to a dentist’s success.  
  • Ease of use – Thousands of pieces of data and information are funnelled through to a concise, easy-to-use report.
  • Most complete – DCI is based on primary research conducted by us. It contains market and competitive information.