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Dental Consulting Canada Find a Piece of Commercial Land or Commercial Space for a Dental Practice

Finding a good piece of commercial real estate is not easy. Even though landlords have a great relationship with dentists, the area that a dentist leases is relatively small in comparison with other businesses.  The landlord prefers to lease space to a 'larger' tenant, and the commercial real estate agent earns more if they find them a larger client. They both make more money with less work.  

Our service is to connect landlords and commercial real estate agents with dentists.  And, best of all, it is absolutely FREE for the dentist.

How does Find Dental Space help me?
1. Cost - Free to list for the landlord/commercial real estate agent and free to access for the dentist.
2. Confidential – We do not release dentist's contact information without their permission.
3. Human – The matches are not computer generated. We take the time to get to know the needs of all parties before making the match.  

How does Find Dental Space work?
It works similarly to online dating.  
1. The landlords, real estate agents or owners sign up with us.    
2. The dentists interested in starting a new practice sign up with us.  We create a profile with basic information.
3. We match the two parties, based on their common needs and interests. We understand the confidentiality of the matter.  Therefore, a dentist's contact or private information is not shared until she/he agrees to it.


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