We had the pleasure of having Matt Bladowski come to our office for a two day session. He provided a great deal of insight and some really fantastic suggestions for our office to implement. To start, he provided a very detailed demographic report for us to assess the market near our office. The two day session was an amazing experience for all of the team members, and everyone left excited. During the session, Matt involved all of the team members and helped to generate an organized list of tasks. In addition, his followup has been excellent.
We would strongly recommend Matt’s services to any dental office.
Dr. Bradley G.

Matt brings a new refreshing approach to address common problems within a dental practice. Rather than come in with a solution, he comes in with a process that helps us come up with our own solutions. His style is fun, inspiring and motivational.
Dr. Eric W.

I will never forget what you did for me ,,,God Bless you ,,,you are a good man ,,wish you all the success.
Dr. Johnny Y.

Matt really understands not only how marketing works, but how to get the staff and myself motivated to do it. Matt uses a unique approach to marketing that I have not seen before and that is unique and original. It was great having him in our practice and with the new ideas we look forward to getting new patients.
Dr. Brad S.  

Manfred and I are so pleased. What a fantastic tool. What I have had a chance to preview looks fantastic! Great food for thought and planning! You are amazing! Thanks so much!!!
Becker Practice Management

Impressive effort and information I must to say. Thank you!
Dr. Fares S.

Matt is perfect. Just perfect.
Dr. Kal J.

Matt did his homework. His research and analysis was well thought through and helped me made the right decision for my practice.
Dr. Nancy A.

I would hesitate to call Matt a consultant. He is more of a facilitator. He does his homework way ahead and knows about our patients and competition more than I ever wanted to know. Through a very well laid out facilitation technique he leads the team to decisions that are not only good for the practice but also make sense given his research on demographics. Never seen this done before.
Dr. John B.

This was really good! We want you back….but I won’t write you a testimonial because I don’t want any other dentists around me to have the competitive weapons that I have now.
Dr. Steve L.

The depth of the analysis and the thought process behind it is incredible. I wish I had these tools back when I started my practice. My life certainly would have been different.
Dr. George H.

We were extremely happy with the work you did for us.  Quick, efficient and to the point. 
Dr. Raja S.