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Seminars & Workshops

Lectures, Seminars & Workshops

For Students


Getting the Right Associateship
This course provides students with techniques on how to search and find their ideal associateships. Special focus on cover letter writing and interview skills.  

For Associates looking to Become Practice Owners

Selecting the Best Location for Your Practice
Participants will learn how to analyze key demographic and socioeconomic factors in order to select the best location for their dental practice.

Top 10 Mistakes Dentists make when Choosing a Location
Choosing the wrong location is the mistake that is the hardest to fix. This course explores the main mistakes that dentists make every day and provides solutions and improved methodology to find those ideal spots.

Opening a Dental Practice From Scratch
Participants will be taken through the entire process of opening a dental practice, including the costs and risks involved, and how to avoid the most common pitfalls.   


Purchasing a Practice
This seminar focuses on the strategies to identify the ideal practice in the 'hidden market' and how to critically evaluate the practices to ensure that you get the right practice and at the right price.  

For Practice Owners 

Death of a Generic Practice
This unique approach to marketing helps dentists understand why most of the marketing in dentistry is money flushed down the drain. It discusses new effective niche-type strategies and how to implement them in the practice. 

Corporate Dentistry and Appraisals
How corporate dentistry is changing the way practices are evaluated.  Which practices will go up in value and which will go down?  

Managing your Practice Strategically
Strategic Management is the art and science of formulating, executing and evaluating decisions in order to obtain the objectives of the dental practice. In this seminar, participants will be introduced to the framework of strategic planning and be provided with the practical tools that help them to successfully plan and put their plans and vision into action.


Marketing Strategy on a Limited Budget
Participants will learn how to develop a marketing strategy and customize it to the unique needs of their dental practice, to maximize patient retention and new patient acquisition.


Applied Marketing (Simulation)
Participants will have the opportunity to put their creativity and marketing skills to work. Through a simulation, the participants will have the opportunity to go through the process of developing an effective, economically feasible and ethical marketing strategy for a dental practice.


Setting up a Bonus System for Your Practice
Bonus systems are unique to each team and do not have to be expensive to work. This workshop takes you step-by-step,

showing you how to build a system that works.


Three Niche Opportunities: Wealthy Immigrants, Cosmetic Dentistry & Dental Spas
Participants will be exposed to foreign patients' psychology and attitudes towards dentistry. Participants will be introduced to several marketing techniques that will make it easier to attract these patients to your practice. Untapped opportunities of Cosmetic Dentistry and Dental Spas will also be discussed.

For Practice Owners looking to Transition

Practice Valuations
What are the buyers looking for in a practice? What are the characteristics that make some practices sell way higher than others?  This course provides practical tips on what the owner can do to boost their practice value.  Special emphasis is placed on the areas that are easiest to achieve with the least amount of work.   


How do I know When is the Right Time?
Some practice owners keep the practice too long while others sell it too soon. This course takes dentists through the critical thinking process that helps them determine if this is the right moment for them to sell. 


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