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How intensive is the competition in the area where I'm looking to build or buy a practice?

Do I really need to move outside of a big metropolitan area to compete? 

Dental Competitive Intelligence: Overview

Understanding the competitive nature of the geographic location you plan on buying or building a practice is critical. What makes our competitive analysis unique is that it not only focuses on quantifying the intensity of competition, but also looks at the probability of other dentists arriving in the geographic area and the impact that would have on your practice. The Dental Competitive Intelligence (DCI) provides the most complete, insightful, and informative analysis available for dentists that need to know if a specific location will work for their dental practice.

Some of the information this report provides includes:

  • Number of dentists in your region

  • Success rate of practices in the region

  • Duration of time dentists have been in practice

  • How well these dentists serve patients’ existing and future needs

  • The type of dental services that are lacking

  • The number of existing/potential patients

  • How this number is growing and will grow in the future

  • Sociological factors – the willingness of the patients to change dentists

All criteria is benchmarked against the provincial average in order to gain a better perspective on what the numbers mean.

How will Dental Competitive Intelligence benefit me?
  • Success – By picking a great location you have increased your success and the long-term value of the dental practice.

  • Speed – Because you have the information you need, you can move faster and open your practice sooner.

  • Unique – There is no other company that can provide this type of information.

  • Informed decision making – This info will also help you make better strategic, marketing and practice management decisions.

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