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How do I make my partner/family member an effective business manager of my practice?

Dental Partner Training: Overview

Dental Partner Training is a unique program that assists dentist's partners in being effective managers of their partner’s dental office. We work one-on-one with individuals to provide an accurate depiction of how the dental office is run, and provide support for their occupational success. This course is geared specifically for the dentist's partner, and is customizable to the partner’s skill set; we leverage what they know, and complement what they don’t.

How will Dental Partner Training benefit me?
  • Leadership Development - This training provides the dentist with an effective practice leader.

  • Continued Support - We supply ongoing support throughout this program for both parties when support is required.

  • Customizable Program - Because this training targets specifically the partner, it is very personalized.

How does Dental Partner Training work?
  1. We meet with the dentist and the partner.

  2. We assess the partner’s skill set and experience within the dental environment, taking note of what the needs are that require emphasis, or what knowledge is lacking that needs to be taught.

  3. From this list, we develop a customized program for the partner to follow, going over all practice protocols and procedures.

  4. This finalized plan is the completed partner training program.

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