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  • How do I find the right practice?

  • I am on all the brokers’ mailing lists and get the listings. I feel they are overpriced.

  • I was outbid for the good ones and the ones available I do not like.

Find Dental Practice: Overview

Many dentists would prefer to sell privately and not go through a broker. The option of selling their practice to a DSO does not appeal to many dentists either.


We are not brokers, and we do not sell practices. We have access to most dentists in Canada. Many of them are our clients. Every practice has a price and a significant number of dentists would consider selling/partnering if presented with the right opportunity. For clarification, we are not necessarily talking about the aged practices with older dentists. There is an increasing trend of younger dentists with younger and more modern practices looking to sell. 


We offer a match-making type of a service, where we help the purchaser identify, find and target existing practice owners looking to sell. We don’t charge the seller a commission, and we do not charge the buyer a finder’s fee. There is a flat fee for the match-making service we provide.

How will Find Dental Practice benefit me?

  • Choice – Control over the practice you will purchase. Choose the practice that you like, not just a practice someone wants to sell.

  • Costs Effective – If the seller can save 10% commission on practice sale, they are willing to sell it cheaper to you.

  • Avoid Bidding Wars – Since we connect you with unlisted practices there is no bidding wars where you have to pay a premium.

  • First-Mover Advantage – Get top

How does Find Dental Practice work?
  • Strategic Planning - We discuss your vision, personal goals, the type of practice you would be interested in purchasing and the geographic area.

  • Select Acquisition Targets - Based on your criteria, we match you with practices that could be a fit for you.

  • Marketing - We match-make and market you to potential sellers so that you can meet, discuss, and reach an agreement. 

Note: Since we are not brokers, we do not charge the seller any fees if they sell the practice to you. Similarly, we do not charge you a finder’s fee if you end up purchasing the practice.


To avoid competition between our clients, each of our clients has a protected region.  This means that we will not be contacting the same dentist on behalf of two dentists at the same time. Therefore, for some regions, especially in the big cities we have a waiting list.  Contact Us to see if your desired region is still available. 

Contact Us

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