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Where is the ideal piece of commercial land or commercial space for my dental practice?

Find Dental Space: Overview

Finding a suitable retail property to purchase or lease for your dental practice build-out is no easy undertaking. Even though landlords generally like dentists as commercial tenants, the area that a dentist leases is small in comparison to those occupied by big-box retailers or other businesses. Landlords prefer to lease their prime real estate to well-known retail franchises and then allocate any space left over to tenants who need smaller suites. Large anchor tenants such as grocery stores are the number one source of rental income for most landlords and without their presence, it would be more difficult for the landlord to attract financing. Since representing a small tenant over a big box retailer sometimes requires just as much work, the top commercial real estate brokers generally focus their time and energy on representing tenants who are going to earn them the most in commissions.


Due to the nature of the work that we do and the volume of dentists whom we work with across the country, landlords, commercial real estate developers, listing agents, and commercial real estate brokers often approach us first when they have a property available for purchase or lease. This means that we often know about a location before dentists become aware of it through online listings or their tenant broker. 


Dental Strategy connects dentists with landlords and commercial real estate agents who have specific properties for lease or purchase that are suited for dentists. We don’t obtain a real estate commission or fee from landlords or listing brokers and ensure that dentist confidentiality is maintained throughout the process.

How will Find Dental Space benefit me?

  • Greater Access – We have relationships in the industry that give us a wider access to landlords and real estate agents

  • Affordable – We don’t have a finder’s fee nor do we charge the landlord or owner if you sign off.

  • Confidential – We do not release your contact information to the landlords without your permission.

  • Targeted – we only deal with spaces that meet your client’s specifications.

How does Find Dental Space work?
  1. We run an analysis to determine the type of real estate that is ideal for you and pick the target locations.

  2. We match you with the properties that match your needs.

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