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What is the most effective way to transition into the practice that I am buying?

What is Practice Purchase Consulting: Overview

When you purchase a practice, you are also purchasing all of its problems, the ones you are aware of it and the hidden ones. You hope to make the practice better. Your first 60 days are crucial. The patients and your employees will be watching you closely. The first impression your team will get of you will determine whether they will see you as a leader that they want to follow, or someone they can walk over and do the minimum necessary. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

Practice Transitioning Consulting helps you prepare for that transition. By analyzing the practice and determining the right strategy and an execution plan, you are in control. 

How will Practice Purchase Consulting benefit me?
  • Start on the Right Foot – You will get started on the right foot

  • Success – You will maximize your chances of success

  • Reduce Attrition – When there is change of ownership, patients are concerned. If your employees see you as a strong leader, they will convince more patients to stay.

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