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Should I purchase this practice?

What’s the maximum price I should pay for it?

Purchase Feasibility Study: Overview

If you already have a practice in mind but you are not sure if you should buy it or how much should you pay for it, the Purchase Feasibility Study is right for you.


If the practice has an existing appraisal, we will analyze it. If it does not, we will valuate the practice from your specific perspective. If necessary, we will conduct an onsite analysis and patient count. We look at the demographics and the competitive landscape. Afterwards, we look for the strategic fit between what you are looking for and what the practice has to offer, as well as make a prediction of the post-purchase success. 

How will Purchase Feasibility Study benefit me?
  • Success Rate – By picking the right practice, you have improved your chances of success.

  • Cost – The cost is minimal in comparison to the time and costs you would spend gathering and analyzing the information yourself.

  • Confidence – You have more confidence that you have made the right decision.

  • Informed Decision Making – Assess future potential and the value of the practice.

  • Financing – The lender will want to know that you have done your due diligence. With the Purchase Feasibility Study, you can get better financing terms.

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