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What are the best internal and external marketing strategies for my practice?

Strategic Marketing Development: Overview

Strategic Marketing Development (SMD) is designed for dentists who want to improve the new patient growth or patient retention, or indirectly improve their bottom line.


Strategic Marketing Planning is a facilitated (typically) 2-day session where we help the dentist and the team make effective business decisions with respect to their internal and external marketing. We start by completing an extensive analysis and the demographic environment in which it operates. Then, we will come up with a strategic plan and a set of specific internal and external initiatives on how to grow your practice with the type of patients that you would like to attract. We discuss marketing, practice management, and patient care. We provide suggestions on other techniques to save, but the main focus is on improving the Internal Marketing Strategy (Patient Experience) as well as the External Marketing Strategy.


There are thousands of companies out there trying to sell marketing services. We don’t. In fact, we want you to spend less money. Our fees are not tied to what you spend on marketing, and we don’t get any kickbacks or benefits from other companies. That’s why you can be certain that any marketing we do reflects totally unbiased opinions.

How will Strategic Marketing Planning help me?
  • Devoted - Maximizes existing patients' loyalty.

  • Enticing - Attracts desired patients to the practice.

  • Economical - Prevents wasting money on ineffective marketing initiatives.

  • Growth - Helps turn employees into ambassadors for the practice.

How does Strategic Marketing Planning work?
  1. We discuss your vision, goals, strengths, the marketing you feel comfortable doing and your desired budget.

  2. Use the most in-depth demographic data to better understand the people in your region, their dental needs, and why they are choosing one dentist over the other.

  3. We analyze the demographic environment and the competitive landscape of your practice to understand the type of market in which it operates and eliminate any biases.

  4. We analyze your practice’s strengths and come up with a list of competitive advantages (in relation to its competition).

  5. We develop a business strategy for the practice.

  6. We analyze your current patient experience and make recommendations on how the patient experience can be improved and recommend a list of internal marketing initiatives to improve that experience.

  7. We analyze the current marketing strategy and put together a list of external marketing initiatives to maximize new patient growth.

  8. Put an action plan in place.

  9. Once the initiatives are decided, we can recommend companies that will do a good job for a lower price than you could obtain yourself. To ensure our impartiality, we don’t accept referral fees or kickbacks from other companies, so all the savings get transferred directly to you.

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