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Maximization Strategy

What is the best way to maximize the success of my dental practice(s)?

Success Maximization Strategy: Overview

Success Maximization Strategy (SMS) is the most comprehensive service available on the Canadian market.  It is designed for dentists looking to improve their business. This can include improving their existing practice, purchasing additional practices, selling, bringing on a partner, developing a DSO, expanding to new services, or moving the practice. This service starts with a comprehensive analysis of the practice (or practices) to determine the vision and set goals. Next, we develop an overall organizational strategy to achieve these goals.  We determine the practice's strengths, analyze the market demographics, competition and determine a strategy to compete.  

Next, we develop a patient experience to deliver the best patient experience. We analyze all areas of the practice, review existing procedures and protocols, modify and create new ones.  We develop an online training program so that the entire team can learn new protocols and procedures.  This helps increase both patient and employee satisfaction, leading to increased patient retention and referrals.  

Lastly, we put together a marketing strategy for your practice to ensure that your practice attracts the type of patients you want at the lowest cost. We hate to see dentists spend too much money on 3rd-party marketing. We prefer that dentists invest the money in their practice and the patient experience instead.  

If you already have a solid strategy in place and a patient experience to match it, and are looking to increase new patients flow or patient retention, Strategic Marketing Development is a more appropriate service.

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